Transgender Usenet Archive Project

This page is the hub for all of the various parts of my ongoing Usenet archive project, which I outline here. I’ll also be adding more blog posts over the coming year on my process, which I’ll link to as well. All of my work is funded with the generous support of the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH).


  • Contextualizing the Usenet Archive – Some background and context on the transgender internet in the 1990s and Usenet.
  • Visualizing Poster Activity on Usenet – Discusses some of my forays into using big data methods with the Usenet archives, including my visualizations and the cisgender usage network analysis in particular. (The code I used to make this network can be found here.)
  • Listening for the Static – Reflection on one of the major technical challenges I faced working with Usenet collections.
  • Tweetstream of graphs from a test build of the Transgender Usenet Archive
  • Archiving Usenet: Adopting an Ethics of Care – A discussion of some of the challenges of archiving Usenet, my own ethical investments in the archive, and specific steps I’ve taken to protect posters’ privacy.


  • Transgender Usenet Visualizations – The visualizations I’ve done so far of my data, which put the numbers into visual context. These are collected using the scripts I’ll be posting to GitHub (see below).
  • Usenet Data Collection Tools (GitHub) – A collection of scripts (in Python 2.7) for collecting, organizing, and analyzing data from Usenet archives (primarily those hosted by the Internet Archive in their Usenet Historical Collection).  I’ll be adding more and more scripts as I develop/debug them.

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