Close-up photo of a Compuserve installation floppy disk.


Avery Dame-Griff is a Lecturer in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Gonzaga University. He founded and serves as primary curator of the Queer Digital History Project, an independent community history project cataloging and archiving pre-2010 LGBTQ spaces online. He also maintains the Archival Internet Video Index, which indexes video footage of pre-Internet and early Internet communication platforms.

His book, The Two Revolutions: A History of the Transgender Internet (NYU Press, 2023) tracks how the Internet transformed transgender political organizing from the 1980s to the contemporary moment. In 2022, he was selected to be a Public Humanities Fellow for Humanities Washington, developing a series of interactive online exhibits, teaching guides, and workshops about the history of LBGTQ+ communities in online spaces. For 2024-2025, he will be a member of Humanities Washington’s Speakers’ Bureau.

Recent and Upcoming Talks, Interviews, and Publications

Recent and Upcoming Talks

  • “Tracing the Two Revolutions: A History of the Transgender Internet,” Kentucky Health Justice Network, June 17, 2024 (Virtual).
  • “Love and Modems: How the Early Internet Helped LGBT Communities,” Sno-Isle Libraries, June 25, 2024 (Virtual).