Student Work Examples

Individual Project: Mashup

In this assignment, students individually prepare 2 to 5 minute mashups around a central concept/theme, using audio and video from either the Public Domain or following Fair Use guidelines.

Student Examples

Team Project: Short Film

In this assignment, students in small teams of 3-4 plan, shoot, and edit a 3 to 5 minute film, either a narrative film or a micro-documentary.

Student Examples

Team Project: Exhibition

As the final project for my introductory Women and Gender Studies course, students plan, edit, and present (as part of a small group of 3 to 4 students) a small, contained “exhibit” related to a specific concept (such as gender and body image, the “second shift,” etc.) discussed in this course. This exhibit could be meant to teach others or make an argument based on the course’s readings. Whatever students choose, the exhibit must be understood without having to be explained, outside of the accompanying artists’ statement.

Student Examples

In this exhibit, students created a game working through a young woman’s morning, and the different choices she could make. Each of these choices represent the different social and cultural forces young women experience in their daily life.

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